I have been there and back

I feel confident that I can come through just about any difficulty in life, even the traumatizing ones because I have been there so very many times.

The sun rises each day in its glory to cover you with its warmth

The sun rises each day in its glory to cover you with its warmth

Right now it may seem easier to drown in tears or get angry because some bad things have happened to you, but remember that there will be some good things on the way back to your inner self; that place in your heart center where everything is always well.

Even when it seems like there are no answers
Everything has a reason for happening; maybe it is your wake-up call and you should listen to that alarm or red flag that is waving.
Or maybe it is time to just ride out the storm and see what happens on the other side of life.
Whatever you choose, be hopeful, because sometimes hope is all that exists in your life.



Good and bad times
Begin a list of the times when things were really good and keep track of those smiling times so that you can fill your heart with their visions when difficult times seem to last forever.

Miracles are abundant

Begin  with your best moment.

For me the best moments in life surround my children and grandchildren; what a miracle they are!

Those times can fill your life with an abundance that holds strong; hugging you in times of sorrow and loss.

Sorrow and loss

And during your sorrowful times, find someone you can confide your deepest secrets with, and this may take some time because you do not want just anyone to know everything about you. It took me years to find that special person who will not tell anyone else what I tell them. She has helped me through many difficult times in my life and I feel safe knowing how much she cares.

The final step in your labor on living life better  is to just be; allowing life to unfold as it is going to; striving for harmony and catching some happiness as you move along, realizing that every day is not going to be a happy one, but finding some peace in each moment in time; feeling honored  that you are here for one more day.