I Love to Dance

Dance through life like there is no tomorrow

If I could come back to a new life I would choose this bird; standing straight and tall

If I could come back to a new life I would choose this bird; standing straight and tall

What else is there to do besides dancing through life’s adventures and mishaps?

Dancing moves the soul and quickens the mind to move toward a different chapter in life. Singing and chanting move energy in the body too, causing you a positive rush of adrenalin, especially if you add a smile to your recipe on life.

Those creative ways like playing with children, or playing a few tunes on a piano or drum can also bring joyful moments. Life would be so grand if every single moment brought on some joyful ways.
Be light on your feet, creating an energy flow through your entire being that brings harmony into your life.
Live life full of wonder and love; listening to the birds as they sing in the trees and watching the changes of the seasons as you enter the cooler, more tranquil and darker months.
Months pass you by and before you know it there is another season in your mind’s eye and you are older and wiser now but still dance.

Tearful times

Even when you need to cry, you can lift yourself up with straight shoulders, feeling your body bend back a little so that your neck is straight and centered just like a bird.

And when you do this straightening technique you will notice that it brings on some confidence in yourself for the moment. So stand straight and tall during those moments that you need to just be quiet and still.


Allow spirit to come into your life, creating a warm feeling and positive energy throughout your body because you know that deep down inside of you, your spirit wants to come out and show you the way. Feel spirit like it is a warm blanket covering your shoulder, keeping you warm; hugging you when you need some love.