Saving my life

My Window of Life

When I think of my life in the past, present and future, it looks like a window that I can see through. I am there in the past being held up by my mother’s arms, learning to walk. I have a big smile on my face because I know mother cares and will not let go of me; I am safe through her caring and loving ways.

When I look at the present, I see in the window of life with people who care about me, holding my hand; allowing me once again to walk with confidence and balance.

If I continue to balance myself in the future, I will keep my window clear through an unknown path, but a good one surrounded by my family, friends and people who love me.

Saving my life

What has saved my life are the many different things that I do to keep myself together; balanced and harmonized with nature walking daily no matter what the weather, creating balance through fresh meals filled with fruit and vegetables, and watching my stress fly out the window of life as I take a deep breath that slows me down in mind, body and soul.

Traveling to beach towns; learning to just be

Traveling to beach towns; learning to just be


The other loving aspect of my life  is having good friends around me to spend time with and tap into when I need advice and love. They are always there for me.

Days pass and my spirit feels enriched thinking about all the wonderful ways I am saving my life.

Spirit rises and tells me daily that I feel loved and cared for.

My emotional self is also nourished through readings that allow me to let go of things so that  I can move on and make the changes I need and continue on to save my life.

Life is worth saving; it is sacred and pure. You should want to save your life with nourishing ways, but if you do not want saving, at least find ways to be helpful and guiding to others who need a path worth saving.

Save yourself through countless acts of kindness; allowing others to lean on you and save their life.