Changing it up to a new you

Re-inventing yourself

Maybe all you need is some relaxation time-gazing at a pigeon!

Maybe all you need is some relaxation time-gazing at a pigeon!

Get out of your robotic ways and try something exciting today. It does not have to be something spectacular, just get out there and do it.
You may be in a rut that is dragging you down right now, especially with the winter time coming along.
Don’t let it get to you, get out there and learn how to change your attitude because your attitude is all about your positive self.

Positive people have much more fun; running, playing and smiling at everyone around them, even when they do not feel like smiling.
I know people who have had much turmoil in their lives and they are in good shape  physically,mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

And their positive ways may have been developed over the years because they have to fight off those negative feelings quite often.
It may be better to have adversity in your life because you have to struggle through daily negative events that seem to last forever, making you more resilient to life events.

Speaking on adversity

Last week while sitting on a plane to Florida, I listened while two people spoke about jobs. ” I can’t stand my job, it is killing me.” said a women with a tense look as the lines on her forehead grew so deep they looked like railroad tracks.

The man who sat next to her quietly listened to her plight, nodding and looking at her as he spoke, ” I think  you should get a new job when we get back from this trip, life is too short to struggle and make yourself sick. You know what the doctor said about your blood pressure.”

Just two people passing my way near me on an airplane  a few days ago. I had similar adversity in my past where I had to leave to self-preserve, and now I am better mentally and physically.

Remember that adversity crosses many paths in your life, and sometimes you don’t want to get out but you really need to. It crosses your mind, body and spirit, sending negative energy throughout your body and has been studied by many as a trigger to illnesses.

If you feel like you need to change something in your life right now; whether it is a job, relationship struggles or emotional and spiritual difficulties, move along to another place in your heart where you are well. Self-preserving is not easy, especially in relationships where it may seem easier to stay.