Yoga for your health

If you need a good place to start on your road toward wellness, try some yoga poses
You do not have to take a yoga class, yoga can be practiced in your living room.

There are many poses (asanas) to learn along with the other components of wellness including breathing and meditation. Yoga is an overall wellness plan that includes many components that can help you on your way toward staying healthy in mind, body and spirit.


standing strong like a tree with your branches swaying in the wind

standing strong like a tree with your branches swaying in the wind

New Beginnings:
Start your new beginning with the breath; learning how to slow it down because it  brings all of your many selves back into balance along with lowering your blood pressure and pulse with some deep cleansing breaths that circle energy throughout your body.
And with that first breath, you begin to feel the slowness; the spot where you know that things are beginning to settle down bringing you inner peace and harmony.
The middle:
Find peace in your center with some balances and stretches that open and elongate your body; practicing standing balances such as eagle and tree; finding ways to just be like a tree; strong and centered, or like an eagle, soaring above the earth, dipping and swaying with the breeze.
The end:
Yoga is unending and meditation at the end of some breathing and  asanas can bring  you back to your harmonic self. You begin to feel very relaxed; smiling internally as the calmness enters  your body; creating a positive energy flow that lifts your spirit.


When you begin a practice of yoga, you will find that your stress no longer exists and your strength, balance and flexibility grows each day as you breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth; slow breaths than warm your soul.

Just be

Be like a soft breeze flowing gently, side to side, swaying with the wind and settling down like soft snow flakes as they dance in the sky and land on the tip of your nose.