Wonders of children and animals

Whenever I want to smile I think about or play with children and animals.

Children and animals  seem to have a lot in common because they give love without expecting anything in return. They are always there, right by your side, looking at you with joy in their eyes.

Horses love to play

Horses love to play

This afternoon when I went for a walk, I saw a large gray dog with blue eyes on his front porch. He wasn’t chained and his family was not near, and he looked at me and came down the step to greet me as I approached him.

He was shaking and then I saw his other half; a small black and white dog running down the street chasing a truck. It was hard to watch because the truck slowed down but the dog just kept running after it barking very emotionally.

The dogs  had somehow gotten loose, and the gray dog decided to stay back this time. The last time they were lost, I found them and helped to bring them back. The two dogs were together running up the street and a few neighbors and myself helped to rescue them from the speeding cars and trucks on our busy street.

I wondered as I waited for my neighbor to pick up the black and white dog, why the gray one stayed back. And as I gently held him by his collar I thought that he was shaking because he was afraid that his friend was in danger.

You realize at times that animals are so much like humans in their emotional center; waiting for praise and wanting to have fun with you. They are also concerned when you are not feeling well, or when you are crying. That is why people who have animals live longer; getting some extra love and comfort from animals.

Watching Children

Children at play have no rhyme or reason for their fun, they just play; running, hiding, laughing and singing.

You should be the same way; having fun for no reason at all.

When I run up the street for no particular reason, I think about how good it feels to play, and sometimes I run into children playing in the street in a hop-scotch game and I join them for a moment.

Find some ways to have fun with animals and children.