Happiness for Others

Find  time in your life today to  make someone feel your positive energy and then bring them along on your adventures

What do you have to do in order to feel happy yourself?

I believe you will be the happiest when you bring your positive vibes to others.

Passing through the corn maze of your life

Passing through the corn maze of your life

Whether it is with a warm embrace or a pat on the back for a job well done, do something to make someone feel comforted and cared about.
Of course you need to make time for yourself, but you also need to schedule some happy times for others in your path.
Who is it that you would like to send a special card to?
What would you say in a message to someone you haven’t spoken to in quite some time?
Think about all  those loving moments that you cherish, and then have some more.
Be there for someone in their time of need; comforting and showing love.

Our life is like a corn maze

Life circles around and around like a maze that you are trying to move yourself through to the other side of life.

But what is the other side for you?

Is it that promotion you have been waiting for at work? Or is it the smile you see on your grand daughter’s face as you climb through a jungle gym with her.

Today I went on an adventure to a place called  Just Fun where I became another child playing with my grand daughter, and it was so very much fun. ” Thank you grandma Dora for coming in the jungle gym with me.”

Those words meant so much to me as my grand daughter watched in amazement, giving me tips on how to go faster on the wooden slide that looked like they had just waxed it, shining and gleaming; ready for the ride of your life.

I don’t think I have ever gone down a slide with the speed I did today.

Reminiscing on my childhood

The only experience I can look back on were all those snowy days with my dad and sisters sliding down a toboggan shut at Chestnut Ridge where toboggan’s soared at a speed of about 40 miles per hour.

And after we went down screaming at the top of our lungs out of fear, we would walk up the deep slop of snow  to do it all over again with the goal of trying to bullet ourselves to the forest because getting to the trees meant that you had gone further on your toboggan than anyone else.

Those were the days of fun that had  the difficult twisting and speed  of a carnival ride, except you were not strapped into the seat; you just hung on to the person in front of you.

Become a free spirit and do something that challenges your mind, body and soul. Your spirit will soar above you looking down with a smile saying, ” It is about time that you had some fun.”