Beautiful life

Beautiful Thimbles

My mom thought that thimbles were beautiful, and had a collection of wooden ones that she displayed on a hutch in her dining room. I found one today as I was going through some things to give to the Good Will. I like giving to this charity because they put so many people to work. I strongly believe that working saved my life, and the lives of others who find pleasure in working hard.

The greatest work of my life is my children, and I find myself back to that spot in life myself as my children grow up and I now have grandchildren. The work of helping others never ends.

And finding the thimble is special to me because it is like a little piece of mom is with me now. Maybe she is trying to tell me something with this thimble, but whatever it is, I am glad she is here with me now.

The blue skies are still there, even when it is not a very sunny day

The blue skies are still there, even when it is not a very sunny day

When you think of beautiful things, flowers, green trees and grass comes to mind, but what about in the winter time?
When the grass looks dim and the flowers are gone, what is left for our eyes to gaze on for those short winter days?

But if you look closely, you will see the wonder of winter.

It may not be in the bright colors or in the tiny yellow birds singing their happy song but it will be in the crows calling to each other and flying about as their black colored bodies contrast against the white and blue sky filling with snow.

And when you see the first snow fall so gently dropping down covering you for a moment with a blanket of whiteness, you will realize that the white color of snow is a truly beautiful miracle of nature.

And as you walk your path today, thinking of what else is beautiful to bring on a smile, thinking about doing something special for someone else.