The Apple Girl

Winter settles in

The Farmer’s Market  ends at the first week in November in New York when the wind starts to blow and the leaves scatter for their last time.

And the leaves stay planted into the earth as an eternal blanket of warmth for those wild animals to sleep in some comfort.

There still are pumpkins to buy for those special holiday pies

Pumpkins to buy for those special holiday pies

I went to the last Market and very few vendors were there, but the Apple Girl was. She stood strong against the wind and said to me, ” I cannot move my hands it is so cold, and I have to move around or I will freeze in place.” I told her that she was a strong person and would manage the cold for a little while longer.

I bought some apples and an acorn squash and as I said my last good-bye for the winter I remembered that I have known this girl for over 30 years. When she was a teen, she was my children’s babysitter; the girl down the street who loved children and now has four of her own who help their mother at the market.

Life is like a flash of lightening as it passes you by and you may need to savor some of those memories to have close by when you need to smile.

Remember those days at the market where you say hello to people you have not seen in years, or you heard about someone passing on that you cannot believe because they were younger than you. But then you remember that you are not so young anymore and time moves on moment by moment with or without your consent.

Take your spirit with you today when you reminisce on life; allowing your inner self to be happy with the present because the past is gone, and the future is not for you to know. Bring some energy with you to the next person that you see, passing it along to them with a pat on the back or a warm embrace.

Look at everything in a new way; finding pleasure in the small things in life that make you smile.