The Last Gift

Thinking back to good times

When I think back to times in my life that were good I think of when my children were young; running throughout the house laughing as
the squeaky screen door slams and I follow them leaning out of the door saying,

” Don’t stay too long on the beach, it is almost time for dinner.” and they giggled, “Okay mom, don’t worry, we will be back soon.”

Fall days are close to my heart

Fall days are close to my heart

I am drawn to this moment because it seems like it was yesterday, and as the days pass me by, I focus on a vision of  flowers sitting on my green and white hutch near my dining room window that I hand painted during those artistic days of my life.

Those flowers were beautiful, and  sitting there for me when I walked in the dining room; a gift from my husband on Sweetest Day.

And that holiday, as corny as it was, meant something to me because I still remember saying to him, “Why did you give me flowers on Sweetest Day when you are going to leave soon?”
Those pretty flowers marked the end of the marriage to me because it was the last gift.


A tear rolls down my face as I think about sitting at the table looking at the gift of flowers.  And today, I find that giving flowers is good way to honor everyone.

Many years have passed by since that moment, and I feel blessed that I had special moments in my life that I can still reminisce on when needed.

Flowers, hugs from the kids and now grandkids are what I look forward to.

I am told that people change and forget to tell each other of their changes in life and that is why things end, but I know that everything in life ends; the good and the bad, and you are left to ponder on the good memories that bring a smile.

Find your hugs, get close to someone, do not struggle with anything in life. Allow things to flow with meaningful days, one after another.

And someday your spirit will rise strong above the clouds looking down, touching you with an energy that brings you to another positive moment in mind, body and spirit.