This is the time of year for the scampering of animals who are collecting nuts and finding ways to hide them for the winter

more and more pumpkins

Some healthy foods; pumpkins and squash














Like animals, we too have a sort of hibernation time where we begin to bundle up when we are going out and may be sitting on the coach too long with blankets on the cooler evening we are have. And wondering what to eat next because we may be craving some sweets or salty treats!
This is the time to be very aware of your eating habits. Like scampering squirrels, we too may want to eat too much to satisfy our urges to hibernate.
Find your way to a cupboard where you have some of the healthy snacks such as nuts and perhaps an avocado; a healthy type of fat that keeps you feeling fuller.

Food containing Omega 3s may also be of help with the hunger; salmon and tuna with healthy omegas and healthy protein can satisfy your cravings for other things like sugar!


There are reasons that your body sends out the craving message and you need to resist the urges for the white bread, pasta and salty snacks such as potato chips or you will be fighting off some extra pounds this winter.  Start to fill your cupboard and refrigerator with some healthy snacks so that you do not sabotage yourself on your way toward a healthier you.

Have lots of fruit and vegetables on hand, fresh fruit is always a good alternative when you have sugar on your mind.

For your healthy fats, the avocado and nuts do the trick along with some fatty fish such as salmon which also contains Omega 3 that you need to keep you satisfied and healthy.

For your calcium you do not have to drink dairy milk, try some others; almond milk is full of added vitamins and minerals including calcium.

And don’t forget the green leafy veggies they too are loaded with calcium and other minerals and vitamins that you need to begin your quest toward wellness in mind, body and spirit.


Keep you spirit fed too. Whether you are just beginning a journey of a healthy living change or you are just trying to keep your weight maintained, a healthy attitude and a spiritual feeling of comfort, wellness and self-love will help you toward your goals.