It may appear on the outside that you are confident and in control of your inner self but on the inside, where are you?

Every once in a while you may find me hiding behind some colorful mums

Every once in a while you may find me hiding behind some colorful mums


Do you trust your instincts on important matters that are happening to you right now?

Or do you hide and have a spot deep down in your soul where no one else can get in touch with.

If this is you, you have to come out someday soon and tell a friend how you are feeling and maybe  your deepest feelings; some very sorrowful and some very exciting and happy. When you are able to do this, you will find a release of some of the tension and stress that you hang onto because of your inability to let things out.




Finding liked minds

If you wander around life looking to be around people who do not care about things like exploring your inner soul, then you may never have to go deep into that dark or light spot where no one enters and finds the real you.

I have had experiences with both types of people; some who I know everything about and would be surprised if they had any secrets I did not know, and others who I have known for a very long time and feel strongly that I do not know them at all.

Where do the people in your life fit in?

Are you attracted to people who open up to you?

Those open book souls that make you feel uncomfortable at times but also help you to be more open and telling.

I like the middle of things. Like the yin and yang of living there is a center with balance that is filled with loving and kind ways. Those centered and whole people are who I seek out.

And when I become a friend to someone I  want to know more about, I do apply  pressure to learn more.

Some people have to feel they can really trust you to keep secrets in order to tell you about their deepness; knowing that you will always hold their truths close to your heart.

And there are those  people out there who do talk bad about people, and this may be their way to help themselves feel better about their deep, silent ways.


And what do you keep from yourself?

Is your spirit trying to come out and become friends with you but you dust spirit off your shoulder like a fly has landed on you every time it shows up?

And now that you are older, maybe getting in touch with the truth in yourself is what you need for a dose of renewed confidence and the ability to love all of your many selves including your spirit.