A place for everything, and everything in its place

Wouldn’t it be nice if everything was in a strategic place in your home and you knew exactly where that was?

Rolls and rolls of neatly piled veggies!

Rolls and rolls of neatly displayed veggies!

My strategy is to plan places for my things that always seem to get lost.

An example is a basket in my office that is for my reading glasses. Sometimes there are 4 pair in there, but I am never without a pair of glasses.

I also keep a pair of reading glasses in my purse which I have organized better today because I choose to carry a smaller one now. When you have a smaller purse you are automatically more organized because of its size.




Childhood memories of reading glasses

I remember as a child older women wearing chains with clips on the ends to hold their glasses around their necks and with the glasses dangling in front of them.

This  reminds me of my 6th grade teacher who used to walk up and down the classroom with those glasses riding back and forth around her neck like a pendulum swinging side to side.  I am not ready for that jet set yet.
Another area of wonder is my junk drawer. You can find a variety of items there from a twister tie to a screw driver. I try my best to clean it out every so often and I know that my husband does not think it is clean enough and asks me often what I am looking for when I am in that drawer.

The reason that many people are so dis-organized is that they hoard things they do not need. Take my example above on the junk drawer. All I have to do is dump it out and get rid of all the junk, but as I dump it, I find many treasures!

Organization and non-hoarding  is a skill developed after many years of unsuccessful attempts. It is like any other skill, you have to practice it to get good at it. Start out small with just one room; one drawer will be my task for today.

Organization of your many selves

Intellectual organizing

Another area of discontent in many is in the skill of organizing your day. Day planners are helpful; you can check each day to see what you have to do for the day. And calendars are a wonder, especially the hanging kind that you can put up in your kitchen to watch each day pass without your forgetting something.

Spiritual organizing

Spiritual organizing is for your internal being; the person who wants to come out to comfort you on a daily basis. You do not need a calendar for spirit because you need to come in contact with your spirituality on a daily basis. Daily prayer or meditation are needed to organize your spiritual side of life each and every day.