Passing this way again

When you pass this way, say hello

When you think about it, this may be the last day that you pass along your particular path. Do not fear death or dying because we all move down that way some day. It feels good not knowing when that particular day will come to you, and you might do more meaningful things with your life if you knew how long you had on this earth.

My mom lived each day offering assistance to her family in many ways and that was her passion. She was always doing something for everyone, or  there for you anytime you needed to talk to someone. I went to her on several occasions to just be and think about where my life was going. She never gave advice, just listened to my story.

And my story surrounds letting people know about mom and how she contributed to my life in so many ways by encouraging me when no one else did. She always stood by me, and even when she may have thought I was going down the wrong path, she would softly say, ” Give yourself time to figure out what it is that you need in life.”

Getting ready for the long winter rest

The October harvest on the back of an old truck

The October harvest on the back of an old truck

As I age I begin to look at people and what they do with their older years. Yesterday while walking by some farms I saw 2 farmers talking to each other on their tractors.

They talked of the weather and what was going on in their lives, “It looks like we are going to get some snow soon, you can see it in the sky.” The other farmer nodded as they both gazed at me for a moment, smiled and waved.

That was their day; getting ready for whatever was to come along. And their sturdy ways protect them from the harsh winters. They don’t need a gym to go to or a walk down the street like me; they work the farm.


All spring and summer they work hard to grow corn and when the season is over, they rest. But they don’t rest; they help their wives with the canning and other winter preparations such as sealing the home with extra plastic coverings on the window or making sure the barn is warm enough for the animals or chopping the wood that needs to warm their homes.