Start your day with a grin

You begin each and every day no matter what happened to you in the past or what is in the future for you

Sure signs of fall, those colorful, but fabulous lanterns

Sure signs of fall, those colorful, but fabulous lanterns

Begin with a grin because you are still here to be in this precious day on earth.
When you begin to see that each and every day is a gift, that is when you will change your attitude about things from the past or things you cannot do anything about in the future.
The good news is that you can focus on this moment, right now, maybe changes your plans for the day and taking that long walk you wanted to.

Mom and her orange lanterns

Mom had beautiful orange lanterns in her home,  she said with a grin, ” I love the colorful, but fragile ways about beautiful things.” She and I would often talk about the fragility of things, especially in the fall when all the beautiful flowers and plants die, but to return next year.

And we like flowers do return but in a different form. Our spirit is as perennial as a tulip with its colorful, soft ways with a fragility, lasting only in the early spring.

Spirit Rises

Your spirit also rises in others, and you find yourself doing some of the same things your mom may have done when she was alive, or saying those same words she spoke on, just the way she did.

Mom had clear lanterns too; like circles of fragility

Mom had clear lanterns called silver dollars;like circles of fragility










Life is fragile and you have to treat it like a fine rose that you just picked, adding fresh, clean water to it daily so that it lasts for an entire week. You may  add some special plant food to the water to nourish and tend to the beauty of a rose.

Childhood memories

As a child, you did not want to grow up to be just like your parents, but as an adult you hold onto their ways, keeping the fragile lanterns in your home for comfort in the winter when the colorfulness of spring, summer and fall simmer down. And those white circles called silver dollars  that mom had were also a sign of the upcoming winter months; the lack of color in those circles of wonder does not disturb its beauty.