Even when you don’t want to

Waking up

Even when you don’t want to, get up, get going and do something. Your own momentum can get you started on a good path for the day. Just a walk around the block can open up your day to a newness that you need to begin balancing and harmonizing yourself. My dad used to say, “Whistle when you want to feel good, even if you are not feeling great, you will feel better with a whistle.”

I could not whistle well but I found that singing along with tunes in the car help me to energize myself for the day. The vibrations of both whistling and singing send positive energy vibrations to you and others who may be listening!


Let the sunshine into your life

Let the sunshine into your life

Do you find yourself spending too much time procrastinating on things that you need to do, and end up not doing anything?

It does take some motivation but once you add the momentum it triggers you to do more for the day. Doing something gets you to think about other tiny steps you can make today toward a goal you may be looking toward. Take that first step today.




When you take it one step at a time, you end up finishing your project because you do not overwhelm yourself with the tiny details, or, “I can do this tomorrow.”

Positive Steps

There is merit in plunging ahead even if you do not know exactly where you are going at first!

Everyone has to start somewhere in life. Make your day a positive one by taking some of those steps you have been putting off, or by helping someone else who may be trying out something new and challenging.

I remember helping my children with learning to skate. They wanted to learn too quickly and fell a lot, but that is the process of learning any tasks, you have to have some failures before you succeed. Think about some skill that you want to learn about and plunge ahead even if it takes some time and practice to become an expert!