Just when you thought everything was ready for you to take the next step, intuition steps into your life

Your intuitive sense of being sees behind those blades of grass

Your intuitive sense of being sees behind those blades of grass

That thought deep down inside of you is your spirit that you may need to pay attention to carefully in order to plan those detailed moments in life.

That feeling comes and goes but when it stays with you, you better listen to it because deep down into your soul, your spirit knows which path you should take down the road in life.

Go with your strong feelings; riding against the wind is as difficult as pushing against a lock door that is made of Titanium; at least wood is giving and there may be a chance to get through. And pushing against what your heart is telling you may bring you unhappiness and grief. You push but it doesn’t move; no give and the struggle is just that, a waste of your precious time.


Easy, breezy moments

Spend time on things that feel good, and your intuitive sense smiles because it knows you are not going against what needs to flow with effortless ease.

Life can be an easy, breezy day instead of a storm if you let it unfold as it should.

You will find your way in life provided that you keep on trying different healing ways that are in your grasp.

Set some reasonable goals for yourself that are attainable within a few months, not years. Be there for others, offering assistance with their goals and aspirations.

Find ways to inspire yourself through some positive and optimistic ways that you will begin to explore right now in this moment.

Be mindful of your pushing sense of being; beginning to notice moments that just are not going to happen, and move onto different avenues of life’s path.