When the fall enters its last phase

If you watch closely and see the perfection of fall, it starts out with some darkening of the leaves; turning such a dark green that it looks and feels soft. Then the darkest leaves turn into the brightest oranges and yellows that sparkle with the sunshine. In your lifetime you may only see a few of these precious autumn happenings because sometimes storms take away the beauty of fall days and then winter with its gray and dark colored tones takes its place.

Savor this moment in sunshiny days of autumn, capturing a wonderful glimpse of nature at its best.

best yellows

At the end of the autumn phase of nature the brightness starts to simmer down into a duller color for many of the leaves with some brown and crispy looks to the edges of the red and orange leaves.
And just before November is here, many leaves lose their color, but some turn a bright yellow that you can almost see through into the sky.
Look up and gather the last glimpse of autumn at its best.

Yellow and bright greens above swaying gracefully as you walk through your crunchy trail of leaves under your feet.

Visions of autumn

I see  a man raking, piling  leaves high, and a boy throwing a ball to  two dogs who play with him on this autumn day. The black and white dog runs through the leaves shaking his head and grabbing the ball that had dropped into the pile of leaves. He found the ball quickly even with the large mound of crunchy leaves. The other brown and white dog looked on waiting for his turn. The man said hello to me as I walked by. I wanted to stop and play with the dogs but did not. I waved and smiled as I passed along the way.