Just a reminder

Passing by you each day brings a smile to my face

I walk by the same chair in my office every time I sit down to write and it has a small off-white colored blanket that you crocheted for me, hanging gently on the back of the chair. I leave it there to touch each day because it reminds me of all the blankets you crocheted every time there was a birth in our family.

You always made special blankets for someone; it was your special way of gifting to others. You also made holiday tablecloths for each of us to use on Christmas day and sent them home with some artichokes or quick sauce; your special recipes! Those were the days so long ago but they feel like yesterday when I would watch you closely and listen to your words that guided me to be at peace with things that happened; the good and the bad.


You loved the colors orange and red, you said it brightened up your day

You loved the colors orange and red, you said it brightened up your day

You were so good at stitching; looking up as you stitched to  talk and smile at me, telling me stories about how your mother always stitched perfectly and starched her doilies for the bottoms of her large lamps.
And when I brush by your blanket on the chair each day, sometimes it sticks to one of the buttons on my sweater to let me know you are there in spirit.
I know you are happy now in your spirit body, watching me and others throughout our days; offering a hand at times when I ask you in a whisper.

Always there
You were always there in my life, and now that you have passed into spirit I can still touch each one of your perfect stitches to remind me of your wonder.