Grateful moments

“I am grateful that I have lived as long as I have, ” said a friend of mine recently while we were talking about how old we were getting

In the late fall there is stillness in the air

In the late fall there is stillness in the air

It is the time in your life when you sit back and say,

” I value every moment.” Someone once told me that every day over 80 is borrowed time, so every moment counts.

And when you start living now, taking the time for yourself, you will understand what I am talking about.

If you are over 50 you should stop and think about all the beautiful moments in life there are. And begin to live life like it is your last day on this earth.



If we all lived like it could be over in a flash, we would be kinder, more relaxed and out there meeting with friends, doing some challenging things and finding time to help others on their path.

Grateful to me is thinking of my past with its good and bad moments and then smiling because if I counted, there would be more good moments to spend time reminiscing on.

Move forward today with something that you have been missing in life, maybe its that person you keep saying you will call, call her today.

Getting rid of the bad feelings and the extra things

If you have any bad feelings about anyone, get rid of them today like you get rid of the trash, sweeping it away and watching as it passes by your mind’s eye knowing that it is forever gone.

And begin to work on not holding grudges and sad feelings about life. We are only here for the blink of an eye and then we move on to spiritual life, looking down and wondering why so many people hang on to things they do not need to.

And those things that you are hanging on to that make your life a struggle need to be given away to someone who can use them. Stop hording things that keep you in a trap of believing that you want them.

Material things can drag you down because you run out of places to put them, and as you build an extra closet or fill another bin, what meaning does that have to your life?

Fill your bin of life with moments, walking in the sunshine, visiting a friend who needs you or taking care of yourself with a deep, cleansing breath of life.