Play in blissful ways

Playing in the bliss of life

Playing in the bliss of life

As you age you may begin to see that you do not have as much stamina as your earlier years and you have to push a little harder to stay in shape, sit up straight and move your body.

Self-improvements and your playful times
But don’t give up on self-improvements, especially those that keep you happy and alive. There are also playful things to do that bring out the young in heart.

Your playful moments

Think of this moment as your blissful time when you get lost in your garden of life. In the wintertime you can create your own indoor garden that needs tending just like the outdoor one.

You may have to find some indoor lighting that mimics the sunshine that you do not get in many areas during the colder months but it is a playful time for many gardeners.

Someone told me that they grow tomatoes in a indoor garden every winter!

The snow fort

Think creatively to a time when you were young, with a broad smile on your face because you had just completed an outdoor snow fort with windows and many ready to throw snowballs lined up for you and others.

When I was about 8 years old,  my friends and I would wait for the snow plow to build up enough snow in our driveway, creating our fort. But that is not where it ended, the big pile of snow was what we needed to begin the creative activity of building blocks of snow with old aluminum pails; they seemed to work the best for our creative ways. And it took many pails of snow, captured just right; packed down into the pail so that it quickly hardened into perfection. I can still feel the snow crunching under my boots as I hurried back and forth, running and sliding to get the construction going. Moving fast was also a good way to keep warm. I wore  many layers of clothing, 2 pairs of wool socks and a scarf wrapped tightly around my neck that my mother had gently tied but I told her to pull tighter so that the snow did not creep into any spaces; causing a shiver when tiny pieces of ice floated down my neck.

And sometimes the snow fort stood strong for the many months of winter and on windy days we would scamper into it, crawling along and chasing each other, and other times a large boy would try to climb through the fort and crumble it down to the ground. This domino effect happens in life too; you may build something that you thought was very strong only to find that it did not last or if it did, you still have a smile on your face remembering how you struggled.

What are the fun and creative ways you can move through life with an inner bliss and broad smile?