Passion of romantic love

You have the key to believe in yourself and others

You have the key to believe in yourself and others

When romantic love comes into your life there is so very much to do. Finding its way into every avenue of your being, you become close to someone in a way you thought was never possible. And you do not have to struggle at first to keep this new love afloat. It has its own momentum and it feels so good to be around someone who cares so deeply for you. You form a bond of trust that is unbending and your passion keeps you there for many years. Do not forget to tend to the roses which helps to keep the passion alive.

Passion of self-love

And as you move through life, love may become something that moves you in a challenging direction. It may be something that you have a great passion for and feel you have to do. Do it, and challenge yourself to make your passion come alive for you because self-love is the most precious of all loves in life’s path.

Passion of theĀ love for your children

A different kind of love which has its own special spot is the love for your children, and grandchildren if you are lucky enough to be around for grandchildren or even great-grandchildren!

This special kind of love is the dearest to me; bringing me back to memories of my own childhood, and bringing up my children. There is a passion for being the one who can create special moments for another person in life who is innocent and growing their own path in life. Being the one who brings joy to the life of children is a true passion I hope you find in life.

Passion to help others

Last but definitely not least is the passion to help others. They may not be people that you know, but you can give your love to others in so very many ways; with your presence or open hand to help another person. There is nothing like the passionĀ of being the person who helps another being on their path.

Move down your path in life today and help someone. It can be a family member, friend or someone you do not know. The passion to be a helper is a love to be tended every single day of your life.