Over 50? Yoga can help you

The strengthening of the bones, the flexibility of your muscles and connective tissues and the pain can subside with yoga

Brighten your day with some yoga

Brighten your day with some yoga

I have found that yoga was the missing piece in my life while trying to reach some healthy living goals.

My entire life has centered around my difficulties with keeping my weight maintained. I struggled a lot until I decided that it had to be a multitude of things I did that helped me, not just the food or just the exercise.

My plan contained many aspects of living life well, including learning how to cook, making up my own recipes that were lower fat than the ones in my cookbooks, eating slower and mindfully, trying out different types of exercising and then adding the yoga.

Finally, I decided that yoga needed to be there.

And after I started to study yoga’s effects, I could not believe that it helps with so very many difficulties, and that is why I am here to tell you to practice  yoga.

Even a beginners class can help you with some of your physical issues like knees, hips, shoulders and bones. You can strengthen, balance and flex yourself with a yoga class; it really helps.

Psychological Issues

It seems that there is much study on the psychological aspect of obesity. Many people who have anxiety issues stress eat or binge. Yoga can help with those difficulties too.

Yoga and meditation work help to reduce the stress in life that can bring you to eating too much. Instead of bingeing, finding your center through some yoga poses or meditation, even if  you practice for just a few minutes, yoga can bring you back to a stress-less you.

And when you practice daily, yoga and meditation become part of your life; helping you to get in touch with your breath and your spirit. This spiritual component can help you to explore your inner self that needs help with making needed changes in life.