Your focus

When I think of learning how to meditate, I begin with a focus on one thing.

It could be my breath or if I have something I love to gaze on, I think of that moment in time.

Just a tiny green leaf

Just a tiny green leaf

Today I am focused on a tiny leaves as I pass by on my morning walk. They are tiny but a drop of rain can land right in the center of a bright green leaf that has fallen to the ground and stay there like a tear on your cheek that simmers down upon your chin, hanging there until you wipe it away.

And there is something peaceful about those drops of rain. Even walking in rain can be like teardrops falling to the ground; special moments, some are good  and some are not.
And tears are good things; they help just like smiles do when you need to balance your life.


I find a true wonder in nature with its crisp orange colors and bright greens to light my way. The changes in the seasons help me to realize that I too need to change in order to have balance in my being.

Meditation is a good place to begin with a simple, green leaf that centers you, bringing you to a spot in your heart center where you are alone and feel good about being where you are.

You are mindful of only your breath and the tiny pieces of nature that you can smell, hear in the breezes and taste like cinnamon.

These are the days with crunching under your feet as you walk through some leaves that have fallen so softly before you, and you know that life is good in this special moment in time.

Learning how to slow yourself down for the day can be as simple as taking your first breath in the morning; stretching your arms over your head and pointing your toes to flex them and get them ready to roll on your side and proceed with the many movements of your wondrous body.

As you sit up, you realize that life is good, and you begin your day.