My yin and yang

Finding your balance can be a life-long adventure especially with your many selves

Find your yin and yang in life; that spot where everything comes together and joins you in wellness. Your goal becomes finding ways to stay in this harmony that you have created.

Black and white, yin and yang

Black and white, yin and yang



I find that the physical body is the easiest to detect imbalances because you can just stand on one foot and then the other to see where you are for the day in your physical being, thus preventing a fall. I remember getting on my bike a few weeks ago and almost falling off because my balance seemed to be a bit off on my left side. I decided to walk that day instead of riding!

Noticing other physical imbalances

Other imbalances that you can catch right away- a sniffle or headache, or an ache and pain that tells you your back is not well.

In the emotional agenda, there is no guide except if you are quick to tears or anger. This emotional yin and yang of things may not be easily  detected and you may not be ready for some tears today, so be aware of this side of yourself.
Because of my own emotional  imbalances I have been helping others through yoga and meditation techniques to help correct some imbalances in life before they become problematic.

And if you are an emotional person, calming oneself may be a lot of work and you need to practice being calm and centered with the breath.
If you are a high strung person, this calmness development can be a life-long struggle, but you have to begin now so that you can see where you need to go.

Being more spiritually centered is another area that many people have trouble with. They forget that spirituality needs tending and may not notice until there is a death or great loss that allows them to notice there are difficulties with acceptance of endings and death. A good way to get in touch with your spiritual side of life is through prayer or meditation.


Yoga can help you in many of your spheres in life. Through yoga poses you get in touch with your balance for the day, strengthen your body; helping with your bones and your posture, and you get in touch with your emotional and spiritual self through meditation, relaxation and stress reduction techniques.

By getting in touch with your breath and slowing it down can give you all you need to lower your blood pressure, quiet your emotions and find your spirit.