Asking you

Wanting to ask you for a long time questions that I cannot ask others, and there you are, in the dancing trees.

You are in the dancing trees

I used to be able to go to you when I needed answers to questions.

You  always had a way of making things less of a problem because you did not give advice; allowing me to chatter on until I found my own answers. Only once you said to me,  “I hope you begin to accept things in life.”

And every time I think of you I remind myself that acceptance is always the first step to any difficulty that I am having because struggling with any moment can bring about sadness and anger that does not help any circumstance.

And today,  all I have to do is find you in nature with the dancing and swaying of the trees, you send me a positive glow throughout my body that helps me to gather myself and carry on to whatever it is I need to do.

And I can bring this energy along with me for the day; passing it along to others along my path.

The energy  feels good and I begin my day by giving it to others; bringing someone sunshine on a rainy day, gathering flowers along the way and finding ways to cope with the good and bad of each moment because those moments are abundant.

Today I promise myself that I will be stronger than I ever thought possible, bringing that strength to everyone I touch through my words, smile and warm embrace. Strength is a skill that needs development, and when I move along my path, I remind myself that today I will practice strength and tolerance.

Mom was the strongest and most tolerant person I  have ever met, and not everyone saw her silent endurance but I experienced her healing ways  when she was alive and now in spirit. She observed all of us in the family with silent tears and happy smiles, and she gathered others together; giving all she had on each and every day of her life.

Find your strong points in yourself and use them to move you on a path toward wellness in mind, body and spirit. Seek out people to be with that are like you; positive, optimistic and willing to bend and flex like the branches of trees, never breaking under pressure because the branches have learned how to just be.