Not knowing



At times we get caught up in not knowing our future but that should bring us joy not heartache. When you begin to let go, you will find joy in the now, not the past or future.


Letting go is easier said than done, and I know first hand that I hang on to things and people; helping them when I probably should be helping myself, but I am getting better and closer to knowing when to slow down and let go of some things that I have been hanging on to.

And now not knowing is not joyful yet, but it isn’t sad. Sad times are saved for grief and sorrow in my life. Joyful days appear before me, even when it is raining, I take a walk between the raindrops, watching the day unfold as it should.


Take some me time and ponder on your present times in life that are bringing you joy, and the things that are not, work on them to tolerate or step away from.

And in the balance of life there is always good and bad things happening. The yin and yang of life will be there for you, and even if today is a dark day, tomorrow may bring some sunshine and joy into your day.

Bright Days

And be thankful, feeling abundance in your life because you get to look at all the colorful splendor of nature and its positive and negative changes it has in store for you.


Be patient with yourself and others, they too travel a road of both black and white, and those gray areas of your daily events can swing either way just with a good or bad thought. Keep optimistic in your own being, and others will feel your positive energy, making it possible for them to change too.

Time in the present

Practice good deeds today; doing something that brings a smile to another person can help you too.

Spend some time aloneĀ  a me time to balance your inner being, knowing that life is full of abundance and love.