Soft ways

The softness of animals

When you are soft, others notice and cannot help bringing their softness to you.  And of course animals help you to become that soft person you want to be.

They have a way of bringing out your kindness and love for everything that life has to offer.

The best times in my life surrounds my family and my love for animals.

My dog Jesse was a wonder; border collies do not bark much which I find a blessing, but they are a perfect pet because they literally stay by your side their entire life. Our dog went to training school to learn how to be the best dog for our family and he was. I miss him and those long walks and runs we took together.

Speaking softly

I used to have a black and white Border Collie

I used to have a black and white Border Collie

If you speak in a soft way with a slowing of your speech, others will follow you and before you know it you are calming to each other.

And this softness embraces everything you come in touch with; the earth seems to soften as you see others on your path, gently walking with energy in their steps.

I saw a man walking yesterday; I have seen him many times before because he is easy to find, carrying a large stick in his right hand, guiding his way, wearing the same white baseball cap, plaid red and green shirt and white pants.

I  believe that he carries the stick  because he needs it on occasion to balance his way, and that is a good thing to know where your balance is for the day.

Your Balancing ways

I too have ways to balance myself, especially in my most challenging times.

I think about each aspect of my health and take a look at how I am doing in the mirror every morning. Most of the time I feel pretty good about the way I look for the day, the physical component is usually sound; no pain or inflammation anywhere and I am thankful.

My intellectual component is usually sound, especially when I am able to sit right down, read something or write a passage. This tells me that my brain is functioning quite well as I also make a list for the grocery store that I hope I will not forget on the way out the door.

The Aging factor

Lately, I have been concerned a bit about my emotional component of life; and if you have some dealings with others that may be a bit strained, you, like me know that it takes time and patience to get through some things in life.

Retirement and aging can also shake up your emotional  balance in life but eventually it  feels good.

You may feel that you are missing something when you stop working but there are other things to do such as volunteering; service to others is a great accomplishment in life.

And finally, I take a look at my spiritual component, allowing spirit to tell me how it feels; this part of me is always balanced and full of profound and wonderful things to say to me.

I am thankful and full of abundance today.