Life answers

Goals? Objectives? What is in store for you that needs completion?

When I need some answers I give myself some flowers

When I need some answers I give myself some flowers

Is there spare time on your hands where you can really think about things?

Or do you wonder day by day what will come next?

When I want to get some answers, I give myself something. This week I decided to buy myself sunflowers.

They did not give me any answers about what is in store for me like a crystal ball, but they did tell me that I deserved them.

I deserve to give myself a gift on a regular basis, and that is what I am going to do from now on!


The answers: There are no answers!

Sometimes it is okay to not have answers to your life. It would be too predictable if you knew exactly what was going to come next. And you may get impatient about things that you feel you  need answers to and get stuck in the muck of things; causing some down times and perhaps even some anger.

Remember that there are many things in life that you will never find the answers for. You may die before completing something that you really thought needed to be done, but was not.

And someone else will come along to complete your task, or it may never be completed.

Therefore, if you stay in the here and now of life, you will  think about what will happen in the next moment in time, not next week or even tomorrow, because there is no tomorrow, and yesterday is gone; there is only right now in this moment.

It is fun to make plans, have goals and a mission in life. It helps to make things easier, especially if you have a path that is moving toward a goal. But keep in mind that worrying about it or feeling sad when things don’t go your way is not in your plan of life.

Staying or leaving your current path

Life should be filled with pleasant things to do and happy times with others who are also happy to be with you, and if there is something in you life that is not going well or is full of negativity or anger, you may need to step away from it to see it clearly and then make a decision on whether to stay or go.

Your goal is to be as happy as you can be in life because you only go around one time; one chance for happiness in the here and now.