When you begin to think simply, things in life become much easier but you may find it hard to get rid of some of the things in life that seem like memories for you to hang on to. But things are just things; there is no reason to hang on too long, especially if you need to de-clutter your life.

Life moves on without telling you, and you may have to move to a smaller home, or you may just have too many things; too many clothes, too many shoes! And this time of year is perfect for giving some of those things away for the upcoming holiday. There may be someone out there that could really use some of your things.

Downsizing and stress

Downsizing can be stressful at first but it does get easier as you progress. When you do not do anything, it is a choice, and you will not be able to move along with your life when you have too many things.

A simple walk

A simply beautiful scene

And when you clear out those cluttering things that are getting in your way, you may find that there is a flow in  your life again.

Flowing easy

Flow is that awe  moment that comes  to you as you ponder; drifting in and out of a deepness that can be felt in a soft way where time passes by and you did not even notice.

You do not trouble yourself with flowing thoughts, they are just there to be grabbed onto as they float by your mind’s eye. They are those good thoughts that bring on your creativeness and wellness in mind, body and spirit.


When you flow you are  in the middle of this energy that keeps coming and flows into another moment; sometimes without you realizing that time is flowing by.

Flow Sessions

You may at times want to stop the flow but it feels so good that you do not, and you are glad when you are finished with whatever flow activity you were pondering on because the accomplishments are amazingly clear and focused. My mom was really good at flow; she could make a crocheted blanket in just a few sessions; she did not  have to look at the stitches because she was so proficient and flowing in her craft. My flow time is with words. Sometimes I write all day, stopping only to do another craft such as making jewelry, riding my bike or a favorite recipe. Yes, cooking can be a flow moment for you as you begin your preparation in the kitchen, finding your ingredients, following recipes, and preparing the presentation can all be done in a flowing way.

Your time

Take a deep, slow breath and think of something that makes you smile, and then flow on that vision to a happy place where things are perfect and you are  having  a peaceful, loving moment with yourself.

Your spirit likes to flow too; finding ways to soothe you when you are feeling down or moody. Allow your spiritual side to pick up the pieces of your flow task, adding energy and harmony to your life.