Calmness, Harmony and Balance

Look to autumn for change; internal change can bring goodness to your life

Look to autumn for change; internal change can bring goodness to your life


It is much easier to write about the good things that come to your life because it brings with it love and kindness; abundant qualities that flow like water from your soul with positive energy spreading through you onto others.

Sad times
But the sad times also need attention so that others can be guided with knowledge that may help them during their own personal down times.

When  I think of sadness, I always think of a woman named Gloria; she had such a powerful name that sent joy into the Universe every time her name was spoken but she had internal sadness that could not be touched by others.

And those strong people who have exteriors so strong that others believe that they must be doing well on the inside, may be good pretenders. This secret suffering not shared with others is a choice for some but impossible for others like me.

I carry with me some sad times, and although I share it with the world through my writings, I do not share everything about myself. Some tucked away moments I save for my inner soul to linger on alone.

And you too may have some sad or angry moments in your life that you do not share with others; your private soul takes care of them for you; helping you to move on when you really don’t feel or want to.

Those sad feelings can surface now and again to let you know they are still there as you fake a smile to someone you know passing along the way.

The Simple ways

Gloria  said, “Don’t linger too long on the bad things in life because there are so many happy times that need attention too.”

The simple ways of life seem the most profound, and people who do not complicate their problems; waiting them out and allowing for the unfolding of things with patience in their souls, seem to fend the best.

Loving life

Love life, love every breath you take during sad and good times. The breath of life is what you begin with and end with in  life. Take hold of your breath, slowing it down in times of grief and sorrow; getting in touch with the one thing you truly have control of; your soul.

With an easy and slow breath, your soul can help you so very much when you need calmness, harmony and balance in your life.