And I thought you loved me more

Beginning a new chapter in life

I will bring flowers into my home to think about you

I will bring flowers into my home to think about you

I wanted to try again from the beginning when we were in love. I remember back to that time and it was difficult for me to learn how to trust again after a previous relationship that had failed.

Over and over again I would say;” not failures  just lessons in love.” Trying to plant those words in my heart was difficult, but I knew that it was not all of my fault.

People change and walk down different paths in life and their partner may need to be left behind.

Letting go

I do not quite remember when I let go of the last partner because I had hung on so tightly that he needed space and another person to confide in, or maybe I held on too loosely and he felt that I did not need him anymore; looking for something else in life.

Wha ever it was, staying together was not what my partner or I needed in life.

Looking Back

I do look back often to a time when that look on your face told me that you truly loved and cared for me, and I would think but never told you that I thought you loved me more than I loved you.

And I was wrong again; I think I love you more because I want to try and make things better and you do not. You want to give up before the fat lady sings her tune so well.

And in between the tears and laughter, I can still see you standing there coming back to me  after a long pause of getting yourself together.

Maybe this time will be the end of us, but I want you to know that it was a good time. There were  many more happy times than the sad times when I think of you.

And I guess that is why I do love you more.