My Story

My story is like many others. You try to make things good and they do not always go as planned.

Do the wires hanging down in this picture ruin the wonderful autumn scene?

Do the wires hanging down in this picture ruin the wonderful autumn scene?

You struggle to make life better for someone else and then it does not seem to matter because your partner has different ideas about the way it should be. And then you begin to think maybe you should have been looking at yourself more often, and letting go of trying to make others happy.

Different people, different needs
 Differences can make a relationship difficult to stay in.
Even those tiny differences that for some people are gigantic and you may wonder what the problem is? And you struggle again when you should have just let things go. Letting go is a good way to center yourself to become more at peace with your soul.
When things seem to weigh on you and your really do not know what to do, trust a friend to see you through the sad times. A friend can guide you and be there to listen.


I saw him from afar, he seemed pleasant enough and even had some things in common with me, and he said with a sad look in his blue eyes, “I am so very lonely because I lost my wife and now I have all these things in life that seem worthless like a home in Buffalo and a condo in Florida; Naples, a nice place to be in the wintertime.”

I said, “I still have a husband that I take care of and love, and even though the love is simmering down, I still think there is a chance for us to stay together for life.”

After he left I felt  alone for a moment, knowing that everyone has a lost love sooner or later in life.

And love is  like the hanging wires on the street in the wintertime, drooping and dipping up and down; at times weighed by the snow, but today just drooping from the wind; covering  part of the beautiful yellows and greens of the fall while you walk and look up.
And what is your forever?

Should you stay or go when love passes through your body and soul, sending you a shiver without a warm feeling at all? Do all loving ways dip and simmer slowly losing their pleasure and desire?


You may have come to a juncture in life where your love has simmered down to a slow boil, and you wonder all the time whether you are making the right decision to stay in a relationship that has its ups and downs.

Choose to stay for now, and  bring to your current love a re-generation of the old love; re-kindling something from the past that needs to be in the moment.