My happy spot

If you are thinking or believing that other people can make you happy then you better find your happy spot alone.

My happy spot is walking down an autumn path

My happy spot is walking down an autumn path


You are the key to any happiness you have and if you need another person to brighten up your day, every day, that will end because joyfulness is internal.

You are here on this earth to help others become stronger and more loving through guidance and caring gestures that may help that person to a better place in their souls.




Bringing on the positive energy

You carry with you the ability to bring a positive way to others through your physical presence and internal joy. Your bright light can shine on another person, bringing them some energy that they can use and then pass to another.


When I think of happiness, romantic love always comes to mind, and everyone wants it; those falling in love feelings.

But it does slow down, ebb and then end if you do not take some time with the relationship; singularly and together to bring about strength and endurance.

Loving someone  is just like any other kind of skill. Happiness and loving skills develop over time when you work at it and continue down the road with a goal of harmony and balance with your partner.

Consider what you have to change in order for your partner to love you more. Do not even think about what you believe they need to do. Keep your focus on yourself and self-improvement ways that will bring about happiness to your life without anyone else having to contribute.


Happiness comes around when you plant the seed in your internal spirit where joy, happiness and loving times are kept. Open the spiritual box of your life every day and really feel those joyful moments all by yourself so that you can bring them to others throughout your day. You know those moments so well; times in your life that were so very special that a tear comes to your eyes every time you think about it.

And when you are done exploring your spirit begin to accept everything that happens to you today; those happiness moments and the sad times because they are all the same. And even though those feelings feel differently, they need to be honored.