Contentment time

Maybe it is time for you to settle down and be content with yourself

Let your mind fill with the many colors in the world

Let your mind fill with the many colors in the world

Those stressful days may be coming to a close and you can take those few days off that you keep talking about.
Do not wait until it is too late to be with yourself, finding ways to be content and loving to yourself and others.
Contentment is a relaxing state of mind that everyone would like to capture. Those moments when everything feels exactly right.

I still have a picture of my youngest child, a photograph which was candid. My children  asked me why I took pictures when no one was ready, and I would always answer that they were the best ones.
“Yes, sneaking around and taking shots that no one remembers is the best way,” I would say. And they would laugh and giggle because they saw me coming and would pretend to not know.

My personal contentment picture of my daughter
And I still have that photo nearby, the one with the soft smile and the look of contentment in your eyes.
When I need a pick me up, I  grab that picture and look deeply at it for a long moment before putting it down.
And it is etched in my mind, those moments of love and caring that I need to capture so that I have them in my back pocket like some people who physically carry around old pictures with crinkled up edges for their entire life because they need their special contentment time.

Physical Contentment moments

Some have physical moments of contentment with hugs. If a hug is your contentment moment, you can bring it around to everyone who needs one. The people who have this ability to comfort in the moment can bring their positive energy along with them. They are there for you, giving you just what you need in a special way.

What do you carry around or have in your mind for your personal contentment time?

If you cannot think of anything right now, look around at those things or pictures that you just cannot get rid of. You know the ones; the books with the flappy edges or that picture you have in your wallet.

And when you need a pampering moment, take the time to think back and have a talk with your inner spirit.