It seems that we are in a world of ” I need it now.” because we demand that things go our way and if they don’t, we find other ways to get what we want. It may be time to think about what it is that you really want out of life, and begin a new way of thinking about life.

Seasonal changes bring about changes in you

Seasonal changes bring about changes in you

Slowing down

Slow down does not mean quit what you are doing. It means that is may be time to be patient with yourself to gather a new direction in life. Even the trees slowly change color in the fall, and we get to embrace this lovely time of year!
Gathering patience
You cannot always get what you want, and that is a fact so you better get used to being patient about things in life.
As you age, you may begin to slow down with the “I need it now.” problem because aging seems to mellow your entire system into a slower mode of operation.
And you really cannot do much about the aging process  except begin to accept it and be more patient and less anxious about what does not happen that you would like to happen.

Letting go of things that you may have a strong hold on right now may become your next step. What is it that you can slowly release to the Universe that will free your path toward wellness and health.

When you hold on to things that are not good for you, those bad habits or addictions will soon catch up to you on the other side of life. Making positive changes like the seasonal times, slow and purposeful will help you gain momentum toward a healthier you.

And if it is a relationship that needs mending, begin some new ways to explore making changes in your life, perhaps taking some trips with your partner or just spending more quality time in loving ways.

What ever it may be that you want to be doing in life, take your time and be patient with others and yourself.


Create a circle of energy around yourself and others, sending some loving vibes as you walk through life today, and finding peace and harmony in moments that unfold.

Allow your energy and smiling ways  to circle around  everyone you meet today, spreading joy.