Closer to yourself

Those were the days

Move on to the beat of your own drummer; life will be grand

Move on to the beat of your own drummer; life will be grand


She had many loses in a short period of time and it seemed to make it hard for her to come back into a way of living that felt good again. “I just want it to be the way it used to be when the kids were little and I could see their silly smiles as they ran through the yard with their dirty faces and muddy shoes chasing our black and white border collie.”

Those were the days when I would take my Jesse dog for a walk or run up the street to the creek where the fishermen were casting their lines into the water on the big blue bridge. Jesse loved to go that far and he would look down in amazement at the water. He did not like to swim but would go out with me down by the lake as I cast some big sticks for him to chase.
Chasing is a border collie’s favorite thing to do and he did it well.
Jesse died about a year ago, it may be longer but it seems like yesterday. And as time passes me by other loses continue down my road of life with the passing of my mom and other people who I felt close to, but during all these years, I never felt close to myself until now, and the good memories keep on flowing like a great river that has a tale to tell.

Fun Times

Another very pleasant memory is that of my job where I played the piano every day for the patients. The older patients loved to hear those old songs from their childhood, and we would play the game, Name That Tune.

Excitement and smiles grew when someone  knew the song.

We also had a drumming circle with a music therapist who believe in the vibrant energy of drumming and how it wakes up everything in your body; decreasing depression and helping by joining with others together down the drumming road of life.

Letting go

When you let go of those bad thoughts, good ones seem to surface in your mind’s eye.

Share with others today and let go of your  problems because it is a good thing to do.

And when you let go, you can move on; taking better care of yourself instead of worrying about what will happen tomorrow or what happened in the past that bothers you today.

It is time to get back to yourself and like a child trying to decide what he or she wants to grow up to be, begin to  think about what you want to do with the rest of my life.