Riding through the wind

Through the windy days

Physically riding on a bike through the wind is difficult and as I take my daily bike rides I find that pushing through it can be a chore but when it ends I feel good enough for another round.

As the windy days of fall approach with the rain and chilly weather, many people begin to feel a pull downward in their mood. Large doses of Vitamin D have been the course of treatment for some who have very low Vitamin D levels but for the rest of us, getting outdoors even when you do not want to maybe the best form of prevention work in the colder months ahead because even on dreary days there is some sunshiny behind the clouds!

Kindly pushing yourself

colors of autumn

colors of autumn

You may have to push through some of the moody times like I do on my bike riding through the mistiness of the rain and wind.

Push through things to the other side of the rainbow where things are better and you have a smile on your face because you have accomplished the goal of making yourself feel the resistance in life and embrace it.

Moving through

Just like grief and sorrow, sometimes you just have to move through it even when you feel like staying in it forever; thinking of nothing but your losses and staying frozen in times that were better for you.

Everyone’s painful moments are different and last for different intervals in time. If you compare emotional pain to physical, you can at least feel the physical pain start to subside. You may not know exactly when you spiritual or emotional pain subsides just enough to get you through the day, but others will notice and tell you that you seem to be looking better. Therefore, be with others even when you want to be alone. They will be your guide through painful times.

You are the only one that can make things better for yourself through a push that may be very difficult to get through right now but you can do it and begin some new memories that bring in colors so bright that you begin to feel the energy of the moment.