The thought of you

I keep thinking that I am going to see you, and then I remember that you are gone.

And as it gets closer to a year since you passed; you keep coming to my mind’s eye telling me to move on with life and settle down with the passing because we all become spirit.

Settle down and breathe in the color yellow and its glory

Settle down and breathe in the colors yellow, green and brown to soothe your soul

Sometimes while walking alone quietly thinking about you, I can see you and then the vision passes.
And yesterday while walking, I saw someone who looked like you.

I went home and thought about it and while standing in front of the mirror, it came to me that I look like you. People who knew you well have told me that I look just like you, and they smiled when they looked at me like they had a special way of seeing you in me.
Never thought that I would ever think that I resembled you but as I looked into my eyes in the mirror; gazing at my eye brows, I noticed that when I smiled one eye brow was a bit higher than the other; just like you.
So I pondered for a long time after that and now I feel better because all I have to do to visualize you is to look at myself in the mirror of life.
As I age I believe I am becoming more like you than I could ever imagine.