Every time I make pizza

Every time I make pizza I think about you.

seeing the blues and oranges


As a child I would  know when pizza was in the oven; the sweet tomato smell and the crusty bread edges were perfectly formed.
And even if I was late for pizza time, a piece was left on the side of the stove waiting for me.
Mom always had something for everyone, and her pizza was special; made with love. She cooked for everyone who came to her home. Always had leftovers such as stuffed artichokes and eggplant with homemade chunky tomatoes and fresh garlic.

Special Recipes

In the fall mom had her special whipped pumpkin pie recipe and I have not been able to perfect it yet. The fall was a busy time, and  dad would bring home fresh apples and tomatoes. Sometimes we would pick the apples fresh and bring so much home that an entire weekend was devoted to making pies.

Mom and her sister would cook for hours making pies and canning tomatoes. As children, we would help and I can still feel the tingling on my hands after putting them into the tomato batch and placing the fresh smelling tomatoes into the canning jars.
And as a year approaches since you have been gone, the pizza moments in my life bring up that soft memory of the way you made everything in life so special.

And how we need to be grateful for what we have in life because life is like the whisper of the wind; calling you into spirit when you are supposed to go. And no one wants to go but you  here of the beauty and how wonderful spirit life can be.

Open you heart today to someone you have been thinking about, and if they are in spirit as you read this; send them some energy through your soft breath and gentle smile.