Serendipitous Ways

I believe in coincidental happenings and for the past few days I have run into people that I have not seen in a very long time because I was at a place I wasn’t  going to be at.

Take a look down the same path and see differently

Take a look down the same path and see differently

I saw a friend at the post office and  as she talked to the post lady; she turned around, recognizing me as I stood behind her saying, ” hello Barbara”. I wasn’t there to post a letter, I was just passing by on my bike and stopped there to see a friend who works there.
We talked for a few minutes, exchanging phone numbers and promising to stay in touch but I did not think it would happen.
And the very next day I saw someone I haven’t seen in about 5 years and she and I talked for a long time, going over different things that have happened and me pointing to a vendor at the Farmer’s Market telling Glenda that she was my children’s babysitter over 30 years ago.

We chatted and she and I decided that we must continue to connect.
Both events, the post office and the market I thought about putting off until tomorrow and if I had, I would not have seen some special friends. And the coincidental event also included the fact that all 3 of us knew each other from our past.

One connecting dot  after the next was brought up in those conversations; we were all laced into each other’s lives in some serendipitous way.
And even if we do not connect, it really does not matter because  it felt so  good exchanging happenings in life  as the days pass  by.

And when coincidental things happen, it makes you think deep inside on the reason that you may need  to be right where you are now; at that special moment so that you will see a special person from your past.