Older now

In my many travels through the neighborhood of my life I have met many different people, and today I met a woman named Toni who was full of spunk and smiles.

What is behind your fence of life that you have not discovered?

What is behind your fence of life that you have not discovered?

She had to be about 90 years old but she was walking down the street and stopped me. She said, “Honey, you look great, and that fast walking that you do keeps your hour-glass shape.” I said, thank you, asked her a little about herself and she told me how she has stayed young.
” You have to have a smile every morning when you wake up. You cannot walk around the house thinking bad thoughts, and you need to get outside everyday, and that is why I am still here.”
She meant what she said, and I will always remember that sunny day I met Toni  with her big brown eyes, smiling face and caring ways.
Older now, but wiser to the fact that you have to have some healing ways in your walk down the path of living life well.

Paying it Forward to others

Take a look at what is behind your fence of life. What do  you need to complete?

Are there skills that you have tucked away?

Can you find a way to share with others some your special ways?

I love giving little pieces of myself to others through my words of encouragement, and the Karma that comes to me is a good feeling of love, harmony and balance in my life.

Each day I think of something special I can do to make others notice that there are people out there that do pay things forward with a kind word, a  pat on the back or a loving hug.

Find your healing ways within yourself  and pass along some energy to others who will benefit.