I was walking on my usual path, the one I was meant to pass by each day

Sometimes as you observe; things seem the same but they are different

Sometimes as you observe; things seem the same but they are different

The first thing I see each day if I am early enough is the path where I see a  man with a large stick, and he always waves as we cross paths.

He  wears a plaid blue and black shirt, baggy tan pants and a brown hat. He seems friendly enough and told me one day that he had the stick just in case some dog came along to bother him, but I always suspected that it was because he needed a cane. And when I pass this way in my older years, I will remember this moment, observing what others do as they age.





And then I saw a couple walking, she on the road in pink shorts and a yellow top, and her husband in jeans and a blue sweat shirt walking their brown poodle who was pulling so hard, the man’s arm could come out of his socket at any moment.

Being dragged by a dog does not seem pleasurable to me.

Always in pink

And then I saw  the lady up the street who always wears a pink visor and big sunglasses so you cannot see her eyes. She has a barking dog that she keeps on a tether as she waves a rug from the doorway, while the dog watched her and barked.

And I wondered, “Why do people keep animals tied up when they need to walk them?”

Fences keeping things in and out of life’s path

That is why they invented those electric fences so that people did not have to walk their dogs.

But some won’t buy those fences because they do not want to injure their pet who may escape and get zapped!

Happy dogs usually do not bark all day long, disturbing the quiet neighborhood. Sometimes I think I should ask the lady with the pink visor why she chooses not  to walk her dog because I see her walking alone on most days.


Observe but do not judge

I do not know why people do what they do, I just observe the world from my point of view and move on.

Confusing people, confusing world but that is the way it is. And sometimes you just need to let it go, not thinking about any of the many reasons that people do the things they do.

When  I had a dog, I took him to school so that he would learn how to walk beside me.

And it took many months of training to teach the dog, and with  a dedicated master, dogs learn the skill of walking beside you.

I ran with my dog many years before my divorce from the man who agreed that dog training was a good idea. I let him have the dog and my children told me that I should have kept him because Jesse the dog was a lot happier running with me every day.