On Being Silent

Meditation can help you to learn about the silence within

Find your silence in a meditative walk today

Find your silence in a meditative walk today

There is something enriching about not speaking, especially for an entire day.

When you are silent, things become clear in your mind, body and soul, and then you  get in touch with that deeper part of yourself.

It is there right in front of you but you do not always see your spiritual self that wants to take care of you; offering your internal guidance that helps you to just be.

When you find that pleasant area in your mind, you will know it well as it speaks to you; telling you that today will be good, and that all days are valued, even the ones where you are struggling with life; the good and bad days need to be honored.

Find time today to just be in silence, whether it is a mindful, meditative walk or just being with yourself in the silence of your home; focusing on your breath and nothing else.

It does not have to be a long time; just time to be without distractions and noise. Time to think about nothing but your slow breath; a mindful way to get in touch with yourself and your inner soul.


Soft music in the background helps to find  silence for the day. It sooths your soul and gives peace and harmony to your day. Find a way that is yours alone; silently sitting, lying down or walking in silence.

Beginning a meditative way about yourself can be so enriching; you begin to speak slower, do everything more mindfully and your body thanks you with a slower pulse and lower blood pressure.

Some will begin to notice the change in you; commenting on how peaceful you are.

Beginning with you in a graceful way

When your day begins with slowing yourself down to see where you are going and  taking the time with each step that you need to do, you become  calm and centered.

And you find that  listening to your body and its needs for the day, brings you to a place where you are taking care of all of your many selves; mind, body and soul.

These are the many ways to begin each day with a smile.