Life is so very fragile

Like a tiny pieces of  precious hand blown glass, life is very  fragile

Catching the beautiful reflections of living life well

Catching the beautiful reflections of living life well

It does not take much to blow out the candles of life with just one breath. And because of this fragility in mind, body and spirit, you need to be aware that all can be over with a blink of an eye.
And this  may seem a bit dramatic but you do not know, or you do know because you may be facing some difficulties with dis-ease.
If you are faced with learning how to develop  some healing ways for yourself due to an illness, think about your many selves and pick an area to begin.


I always begin my healing paths with my spirit souring high above the beautiful pond that I seek out daily. Watching the birds in the trees and the fish popping out of the pond.
I saw two bikers today while I walked, they stopped on a hill, and the man bent down to fix something on his partner’s bike. He said, ” Let’s go over by the pond and just stay here for a moment to catch our breath and look at the water.         ” Yes she said with a smile, who cares about the bike, let’s have some fun.”
They rode down the hill as I walk the same way seeing my shadow and thinking that it was probably the most beautiful day I have seen in quite some time. And then I remembered that it was the last week in September and the seasonal changes may make this the last beautiful day for a long time.
And if it is my last day on this earth I will die with a smile because I can see the sun peak through with its bright orange and yellow hues and I can feel a soft warm breeze and the clean smell of the orange colored leaves as they drop slowly from a nearby tree.

And the weeping willow is beginning  to turn a darker yellow shade as it softly sways  its soft, thin and long branches which are holding the birds as they whisper to each other their soft, sweet and mellow song.