Walk alone

Today I walk alone through the beauty of the fresh smell of autumn in the air. I never mind walking alone because it gives me time to just think about myself and my path in life.

Old things that no one wants at the Flea Market.

Old things that no one wants at the Flea Market.

The silence is amazing and I can hear things in the brush near the pond where the deer lie down and hide.

And I know that they are watching me because I can feel them near.

A dog on a leash approaches me with his owner and I bend over to pet the tiny, white and brown fluffy dog who appears to be quite excited to greet me.

His owner tells me a story of his dead wife whose dog this was and how his son kept the dog for a year and then returned it to him. He said, ” Yes, he thought that I was ready to take back my dead wife’s dog, but the pain is still intense every time I look at Tabby.” I said,

” Yes, pain subsides but never quite goes away until you are spirit too.”

Then I heard the huge bright orange and white  fish popping out of the water making large circles that seem endless as they spread across the entire pond. And the circling of energy from the playful fish  brought me some good feelings  but my emotions about the man I met sent a large tear down my  right cheek when I pondered about his plight in life. When loss is so thick  that it seems to render you motionless; you have no words to describe the feelings of intense sorrow and pain.
The man said good-bye and I returned a wave saying, “Hope things get better for you as the days pass by.” He said with a sigh, ” I want things to be the way they used to be for me when Jeannie  was alive.” He walked away and I knew I would see him again on the path that I walk each day.