Feeling like the princess and the pea

If you ride on your emotions as I do, everything in life brings on a feeling just like the fairy tale The Princess and the Pea. No matter how many mattresses she slept on, she always felt the pea that was under the first mattress. They piled them high and she slept on the very top, but she could not sleep because of her sensitivity. The Princes  felt everything in life; the good and the bad. And these strong feelings kept her awake at night.

 Stronger feelings than you want

Sometimes those strong feelings get in your way; crying at the drop of a hat or speaking frankly when you should have kept silent. Telling others your feelings about things even when they did not ask or want your thoughts on the matter can get you in trouble at times. But that is the way you are; you can try to quell yourself a bit, but for some reason, your emotional self is your strongest asset and you can  learn how to tone it down a notch.

Just sit near water today and breathe in and out

Just sit near water today and breathe in and out

What a dilemma in life, to feel every little thing. But sometimes it is a good thing to have feelings so close to your heart. You are there for your friends, family and even people you do not know; giving everyone a smile, pat on the back or a hug!

You are blessed with the ability to feel for others and because of this you can send out positive vibrations and energy that can help them in their sorrow and hopelessness; bringing some energy to places in another person’s spirit.

Love life, love yourself and find happiness in knowing that you are there for yourself too. Helping yourself to deal with the emotional being that you are by feeding your soul kind and loving words of joy.

Be joyful that you have a skill that others seek and hold onto when they are in need of a friend.


Find some calming of your emotions through meditation and silence. Silence can bring about a wonderful feeling of bliss to your soul. Walk and sit by water; capturing the moments and your emotions in a harmonious way.