You are what your send to the world

Sending it to the universe

You are the beam of light that shows us the way

You are the beam of light that shows us the way



Yes, you are all about what you send to the universe. If you are kind, loving and caring that is what people will think when they remember you.

If you are angry, hateful and distrustful, that can also be your persona that others speak on.
What would you rather be remembered as?
If it is a kind, gentle person, then you better get started on how you are going to change yourself in order to be remembered with a smile.


Finding your light

Your light is inside of you. It is your spirit that glows brightly, but you have to bring it out and show others that you are a kind, caring person, not just in words but also in deeds that you do.

Remember that person that you were going to help? Do it now. Be someone’s hope. Be someone who others speak of often in kind, loving ways.

I hope that my words get to the people who need it the most. Those angry souls with nothing to be angry about but their own internal struggles. If you feel that you have been given a bad deal of the cards, it is time to face the fact that it just doesn’t matter. People with bad circumstances can rise above it all to become wonderful mentors to others and happy internally.

Being the person you want to be

Can you imagine how good it will feel when you turn yourself around to be the person that you always dreamed of? And only you can do it; changing those bad feelings about life into better ones. And it can be done quite effectively one step at a time. And it may feel a bit challenging at first to stop complaining about everything and start telling some good stories about yourself to others. And if being positive is hard at first, keep practicing it; catching yourself and changing those negative and angry thoughts into joyful ways.

And your persona becomes your healing ways for yourself and others that you meet.