You are wherever you are at

Balanced and in control of things

Different seasons bring on changes in life

Different seasons bring on changes in life

In everything in life, you are at your own edge.

That’s the spot where you know your limit and cannot go any further. And that is a good thing because stretching yourself too much can bring disharmony into your life. And you will feel this imbalance in your life if you continue down a stressful path.

Mind, body and spirit

In the mind, body and spirit you need to begin seeing those moderation moments that need to be followed.


In the body it may be a yoga pose that you used to be able to move into quite easily and now it is more strenuous, or that 5 mile bike ride that you used to do with ease becomes a struggle now.


And in your mind, it may be a struggle with too much stress that brings you to take a closer look at what you are struggling with that can be lessened. You may need some caring moments with yourself for some peace and harmony. It may be as easy as listening to a soothing song on the radio or just some quiet time with yourself. Sometimes when I drive, I purposefully do not turn on the radio or when I am home, I shut off the TV whenever I need some soothing time without distractions.


In your spirit, you may be having some difficulties with accepting aging and a decline that just doesn’t seem to fit your angelic nature. You may be fighting with your internal being, not wanting to accept that you will not always be here in body; finding ways to accept immortality of yourself and others.

I struggle with the passing away of others that I am close to; trying to find ways to move toward acceptance, but grieving also needs to be wherever you are, because there is no timeline.

Time passes

Time goes by and it is a moderate passing although you may feel that it is moving faster than you want it to because you want things to stay the same but they do not stay the same. And you cannot stop time or its seasonal changes that you have to accept.

Acceptance is what you may need to do in life’s many struggles; accepting that your life has been full of abundance and now you are wherever you want to be in any given moment.