Smile time

Smile even when you are sad because a smile can and does change your mood

Beauty gardens

Beauty gardens

Smile at a stranger today, saying hello and asking how their day is going.
Listen to your inner voice telling you to make  changes you need to make so that life becomes a simple way to exist without the headache of having too many things you do not need, or having too many errands that you really do not need to be doing. Leading a stressful life can be self-induced by adding too many things to your calendar. Pace yourself and begin a moderate way about yourself in everything, and then you will be smiling because you will not feel rushed about anything in life.

Pick your causes well

Maybe it is time to do some of those things you always wanted to do with the skills that you have. Think about what it is that you are good at, and teach it to others.
Find people who need the skills  you have and begin to be more giving so they can smile too.

Nature smiles at you even on dreary days

Smile because there are beautiful views in nature today that will take you away into a blissful awe. It does not have to be sunny every day because you can learn how to make your own sunshine internally.

Life is good, and you need to smile to see that beauty in yourself. Your internal beauty of spirit rises high to see above and watches below to balance your peace for the day. Watch others today as they move through your life; see the smiles, see the happiness along with the sadness. And if you can be the one to assist in making a person’s sad day into a happier one, be there for them.

Listen to the birds, have your coffee or tea outdoors today so that you can listen, smell and just be in the moment of the smile of life.